Simon Dictates: Should indie dentists be prosecuted? Or does the dental registry hamper creativity?

A woman has been prosecuted for illegal teeth whitening in Thorpe St Andrew! But is that REALLY fair? But let's try to look on the bright side. Teeth are getting whiter, illegally, while the world is legally becoming a sunnier place, at least in Sheringham, where kids are painting murals! "I can see these paitings now, coming out through your radio set," says Simon Tate, who is able to name at least THREE painters in this exciting new episode.


Simon Dick Tates Episode 11: Toilets and Tescos

If you live in Dereham, you're about to get a toilet block! A whole block of toilets, including a semi-circular urinal that'll be open 24 hours a day. A fantastic initiative for safe toileting, or for living?

And then...public toilets occasionally appear before us...but Tescos is everywhere. Yesterday Waveney District Council rejected a proposal to build a Tescos in the historic Trawmay Hotel pub in Pakefield. Thank God, or don't? 

Simon Dick Tate enlightens. 


Simon Dick Tates Episode 10: You’d think fish would like floods

Fish evacuated from sanctuary due to flooding! A wedding dress found in a box!

Simon Richard Tate asks the questions we've all been asking, like: "Why are fish so negatively impacted by flooding in Norwich?" and "Why would someone leave a wedding dress in a box outside a bus station? Were they just traumatized by a really messy divorce?" 


For My Mom


Make me a banjo, and make it British

Norfolk Entrepreneur uses Kickstarter to build first British banjo breeding ground 

When branding expert Simon Middleton looked around at his instruments, he realized none of them were made in England. And so he decided to change that and start the first massive wide scale banjo breeding ground right in Norwich in his own Great British Banjo Company. But first, Middleton needed some money.


Simon Dick Tates Episode 9: Closing swimming pools…in spite or because of erosion?

Swimming pools closures, and erosion: an unfortunate combination

SIMON TATE: It’s a real tragedy that this swimming pool is being closed, especially for the locals who use it regularly. And of course, the point about water safety is important as well. I mean, with increasing flooding in Norwich, Norfolk, and obviously the Norfolk broads, it’s never been more important to learn to swim.


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